Grade Level Websites


About Our Program
For our younger students, our focus in technology is to introduce them to computers. We warm up each class with holding our hands in the home position on our keyboard to introduce proper keyboarding We learn how to open up programs, type in website addresses, add addresses to our favorites, and use programs like Microsoft Paint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and age appropriate websites.

1st-2nd graders build on what they have already learned. We explore more in depth lessons of MS Word, PowerPoint, even MS publisher,Audacity,and Notebook. We learn how to name, save and reopen files. We work with classroom teachers to incorporate classroom curriculum along with computer lessons.

For our older students, our focus in technology is to build on the foundation they received in the primary grades. The students are learning the Microsoft Office Programs of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Publisher, along with Notebook and Audacity. We integrate the programs with their subject matter in their classroom and show the kids how to use technology to enhance their learning and present their work. We gain an in depth understanding of the tools and features in these programs. At Ballantyne, we are beginning a voluntary keyboarding program that will encourage the kids to practice keyboarding at home and teach them correct form to enhance their speed and accuracy. This program is vital to helping your children easily use their computers and be able to type reports and projects quickly and accurately.