Notebook Software for Ballantyne Students


Ballantyne Elementary Students have been granted permision to download the Notebook 10 software to use at home!
Follow the directions below
1. Go to Notebook 10 Site
2. Choose your operating system. (For most of you it will be Windows.)
3. Scroll to download SMART Notebook software only. This is near the bottom of the page. Click on Download.
4. Fill in the required form with the information below:

5. Click on Run when the following next window appears.
6. The InstallShield will open and run.
7. When given the option choose All Categories for the gallery. This will give you all clip art that goes with the program.
This download will give you a 30 day trial of Notebook. Ballantyne Elementary students can have the full version free of charge, however you must have the Product Key.
To receive the product key email Leila McAlhany , tell me your childs name and teacher and I will send you the key.